Red double muslin


Beautiful red muslin fabric with a matte surface, available in a width of 130 cm and weighing 135 g/m2. This 100%CO (100% cotton) fabric is suitable for various purposes including clothing, interior design, and more. It is a one-color product, and it has passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class I description, meaning it’s free from harmful chemicals and materials and safe for people’s health and the environment.”

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Red double muslin is a type of fabric commonly used for various purposes, including clothing, interior design, and more. If you need muslin with specific dimensions, weight, composition, color, quality, surface, motif, and certificates, here’s what you need to look for:

* Width 130 cm
* Weight 135 g/m2
* Composition 100%CO (100% cotton)
* Color Red
* Quality Muslin (a type of fabric with a loose weave and thin, delicate texture)
* Surface Matte (not shiny or glossy)
* Motif Unicolour (a solid or uniform color, without any patterns)
* Certificates Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (this is a certification for products that are free from harmful chemicals and materials, ensuring they are safe for people’s health and the environment)
* Product class I (this is a classification system by Oeko-Tex for products that have undergone the most comprehensive tests and assessments, and have proven to be safe for even the most sensitive skin types such as newborns, babies, and children)


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